Piensos Ortin, S.A. is a company with 60 years of commercial experience with important national e international customers.

In 1985, when its main business was livestock feed, the company increase its business with pet food, creating a wide and complete range of products, now its products are in many countries in three continents and with excellent commercial relations with its customers.


PETS: Piensos Ortin makes its different brands and products with the best ingredients. For this reason we use high standard quality mainly from chicken, beef and lamb, that together with cereals and others ingredients become our products in superior quality pet food. Pets feed with our products have their nutritional and dietary needs covered for their correct development.


  • Strong bones.
  • Teeth stronger and healthier.
  • Healthy, shiny hair.
  • Vigorous muscles.
  • Defenses in optimum conditions.
  • Appropiate digestibility.

LIVESTOCK: Our livestock feed for farm animals is made with high quality and taking care each formula to achieve the best results in all our products.